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Can not find a CNA Job

  1. 0 Hello I got my C.N.A license here in Tampa,Fl about 3 months ago. I have applied to many places,and it is always the same thing I get a call,or e-mail telling me Sorry,but I was not accepted. When I was why it is the same thing I do not have experience.

    My question is what can I do to make my self more desirable to them?Even though I have no experience in the field

    Thank you much ~~James~~
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    I am not sure. I will be looking for a PD job in NJ upon completion of my course in mid-July.

    Are you applying to hospitals only?

    It might be beneficial to get a job as a home-health aid or in a nursing home first for a few months to get some experience. I know in NJ they require 1 year experience to work in a hospital and to be BLS certified (which is not required to be CNA certified).

    Best of luck, keep me updated!