Brightstar home health.... Not sure what to expect?

  1. This is a company that operates many franchises all over. I applied this morning and literally within 4 hours I received phone calls from 3 different franchises in my area wanting to interview me. The first one asked me some questions over the phone and sent me info to have an in person interview on the 29th. That is great and all but they also sent me a huge checklist of things to have done before then, including a physical, TB test, and 12 hours of continuing education classes! Isn't that a bit much for not eve going to the first interview? Are they guaranteed to offer me a job? I'm not spending money to not to offered a job. Does anyone know anything about this company or have any experience with them?
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  3. by   Sally Lou
    I worked for Brightstar for a little over a yr. They interviewed me and did my paperwork and then hired me then and there.

    They are great for being flexible with hrs. You get alot of one on one time with the clients.

    The drawbacks? If one of your clients goes into the hospital you lose those hrs. They don't reimburse mileage unless you go 30 miles ONE way. They would schedule me places that were 27 miles away, it ate alot of gas.