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  1. 0 I'm wondering when I should start applying for a CNA position? I start my CNA courses in March and will finish in the beginning of May. Do I need to wait until I take my state exam to begin applying for CNA positions? Or is it even an option to apply before I get my CNA certification from the state?

    Thanks in Advance
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    I'm not sure about other states but in New York you have to pass your class and then take the state exam. First thing employers do is check if your on the cna registry and your named won't be on there until you take the state exam and pass. Hope this helps.
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    North Carolina is the same. You have to pass the class, then take and pass the state exam before you can apply for jobs.
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    Same here in Maryland. Just wait until you pass your test.Good luck with your class !
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    actually in nc, u can get a job before passing the test, but have to complete a state approved class 1st.

    for details see the faq @, it's faq #9.