any one know anything about online st. augustine school of medical assistants?

  1. It's online and the website says most students finish within 6-8 weeks. Would this be the same thing as the 1 year medical assistant program at other colleges??
    here is there website:
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  3. by   Moonfal
    Hey there! Did you ever find anything out about this program?
  4. by   sueall
    Impossible to tell, given the "school" website's reluctance to mention the program curriculum in its abundant haste to tell you about "Special Pricing For This Week Only!!" (Which, of course, will be their Special Low Low Price (!!) this week and until the end of times. . .)

    Apparently it's a well-known diploma-mill:

    Skeptical Scalpel: School or Scam? St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

    An administrative medical assistant program could be taken on-line, as there is no clinical skills or lab component. But to become a board certified medical assistant here in the US of A, you'll need a program with real-life clinical and lab components as well as an externship. Don't sell yourself short by falling for this "cheap and easy" crock.