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What is a CNS?

  1. 0 So what is a CNS? What do they do day to day, what is the role of a CNS? And how does it differ from a NP? Somebody clarify this for me, please!
    Thanks in advance!
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    A CNS is a masters-prepared RN. Here is a nice concise idea of what they do:


    I am a CNS in IL and I am considered an advanced practice nurse. In IL, the nurse practice act is the same for NP, CNM, CRNA and CNS. I have prescriptive authority, my own NTI number (for billing Medicare for my services) and actually am quite autonomous. I work for a large nephrology practice and round on chronic hemodialysis patients. I work with 15 MDs, a total of 8 midlevels and me!
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    Hello, brookesbuddy

    Check out this thread in the CNS forum, too:

    Different Roles for CNS