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psyche CNS

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    I was just wondering if anyone can offer any info regarding the demand and/or utilization of child pscyhe CNS's. Thanks if anyone replies!
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    I am a child psych CS, and my current position has nothing to do with my advanced education or clinical specialty. In the past, I've worked in a variety of inpatient and outpatient positions with kids. There is not a great deal of demand, because there is not a lot of child/adolescent mental health services out there and no one wants to pay for child mental health (maybe if we ignore the problem, it will just go away ... :chuckle )

    However, I don't regret my choice, and who knows where my career will lead. Child psych CSs are rare as hens' teeth; the ratio of adult psych CSs to child is roughly 10:1 in my state the last time I checked. I always think that one should pursue the degree and specialty that most interests you, rather than what seems the most marketable -- what's the point of putting all the blood, sweat, tears, and $$$ into a degree if it's not what you really want to be and to do?
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    I work for a large psych hospital. The boss would love to hire a few child psych CNS's. I think it's an up and coming career.