pls enlighten me..

  1. I know that CNS is an aprn but how do u start the process? Do you need to have how many years of experience before you go to school for a CNS program? I'm just an RN with I little bit of experience..and wen I say little I do mean little lol and who dreams to become a CNS or an NP one day.. still undecided but leaning more on becoming a CNS I think heheh thanks a bunch guys
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  3. by   Whispera
    A CNS (and also a NP) is a type of Masters degree program. Some schools will accept people who have no experience in nursing and some won't. You'd have to talk to the schools that interest you, to see what their philosophies are. I think having experience as an RN will make you much more competent as a CNS. I started my CNS a couple of years after I got my BSN, and did it one course at a time. By the time I graduated, I had lots of experience in several different types of nursing. The experience was SO valuable!!