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    Okay, I graduated in May 2010 and haven't been in too much of a hurry to sit for this exam because I don't see kids currently.

    Anyone taken the new exam recently? Its changed in June/July timeframe I think. Very few study materials I'm finding.

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    I took the CNS peds exam last January. It was a long thest with 170 questions. All I can say that what really helped me prepare and pass was having a lot of experience in peds as both a staff nurse and NP. I am not sure if the new test is different but it looks like the generic CNS is really tough. I did buy the peds CNS study guide, it helped a bit.
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    Thanks for the info. The only thing I could find was the Mometrix study guide. So, I will study that.

    The unfortunate thing is that I don't work with kids anymore - haven't for almost 5 years. However, I do have 10 solid years of level one trauma center (adults and peds) experience before that.

    Can I ask - if you are an NP, why you did the CNS program too? I'm always curious how people choose which program to do.

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