MPH + CNS Dual Programs?

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    I just started a Master's entry CNL program and so far it is has been great. This is pretty far off in the future but I am just speculating about future educational plans. Does anyone have any experience with combined MPH + CNS dual programs? The programs I've seen are all at elite universities (Yale, etc.) I know there is something called a community health CNS (does this still exist?) Does this even begin to approximate the work of a public health professional?

    Ideally I would like to become an infectious disease CNS, but I am embarrassed to admit that I don't actually know if this is a real thing. I have seen references to such a role / degree on various nursing websites but I've yet to find an actual program. Thanks for any comments!

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    Hmmm - I'm getting ready to take the peds CNS test and I noticed on the ANCC website that Community Health CNS was possible. You might mosey on over to their website.

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