Is it hard to get into MSN program

  1. I am currently applying to get into an MSN education program. I am very excited about the possibility of futhering my education and getting a career I would enjoy. However, now I am nervous what if I don't get accepted? I do not see any other in state MSN programs that are geared toward what I want like this one is. So it would be VERY disappointing to not be accepted. So I am just wondering if anyone knows how competitive it is to get into an MSN program and what your experiences have been. I have talked with university of Pheonix and centinal university and they seem very eager to get people into their MSN program (I want something local and more personal) so I'm hoping all programs are like that.
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  3. by   czyja
    The only program you have absolutely no chance of getting in to is the one you do not apply to. Given that you have applied, you have a chance.

    Of course not getting accepted would be disappointing. IMHO you are doing the right thing to ease any anxiety you have by making a backup plan. You can also apply again next year if your are not accepted this year.

    I wish you good luck- and hope you get in!