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  1. They are looking at formally recognizing the CNS in pennsylvania, this is HB 343 which i believe they are going to try to ammend HB 1254 to give CNS title recognition in Pa. The house committee known as Professional Licensure is going to meet on May 29th at 1pm.
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  3. by   jpRN84
    what can I do to support this bill?
  4. by   pattchez
    If you would like to support the passing of this bill, I would suggest you contact the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists organization. Their office is in PA so I am certain they are aware of this bill and how you can learn more about the bill and what to do to support title recognition of CNSs in PA.
  5. by   valene
    Gov. Rendell is supposed to be active in this and the bill's primary sponsor is Rep. Jaret Gibbons. NACNS is also working on this process.
  6. by   juan de la cruz
    ...ummm, can they work on getting a similar bill passed in Michigan next.