Help: APNs needed for interview

  1. I need to interview some APNs for a paper I'm writing in my Leadership class. Please PM me with answers to the following: (Thanks in advance!)

    1. Years as and RN and years as an APN?
    2. Describe your current (or most recent) employment situation.
    3. What led to your decision to become an advanced practice nurse?
    4. List your educational experience.
    5. What expectations did you have at graduation?
    6. How does your current practice situation relate to what you expected at graduation?
    7. Are you in clinical practice? If so, is the scope of practice what you expected? If it is not what yo unexpected, why not? If you are not in clinical practice, was this your choice?
    8. What barriers to practice have you encountered?
    9. What is/was the response of the patients to your nursing care?
    10. What is your level of satisfaction as an APN? Is it related to the autonomy or the patient care? Something else?
    11. What level of participation in partnership and networks was necessary to attain your career objectives?

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