1. I'm looking into articles here regarding APN. I am excited about finishing my BSN next year (after being in the field for 11 years) I have the desire for something advanced practice but with such variations available, I am doing research to learn more. My state has a DNP program at MUSC. But I need to speak to my DON to see what roles they could foresee using me as. (If I have to go outside of my current employer, that would be ok, but I'd really like to stay in this system. They have associated Physician offices and as far as that goes, it seems feasible to offer myself as a practioner there. But if not, I think CNS or CNL would be the way to go.) I don't HAVE to have prescribing privilidges, but it would be nice. I just don't want to limit myself.
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    After I've typed this, I am poring through the plefora of advice here. I still an unsure of my motivation. I know I want to stay with patients, but in which capacity is the question. I like the extender role, I like teaching. I, to my detriment perhaps, want it all. I really need to figure out which road to take.
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    The CNL is not considered an Advanced Practice Nursing role. So if you want your APN/APRN, you'll have to go the route of CNS. There are DNP and MSN CNS options and DNP and MSN NNP options. However, the MSN is quickly going away since in 2015 the new Advanced Practice entry will require one to be Doctorate prepared. Those who have APN license in 2015 will be grandfathered in (only in the states where they already hold APN licenses). Keep all this in mind. CNL is a "glorified BSN". Doesn't get you far and will not get you to teach much more than entry level clinicals for very small schools. I know two CNLs who truly regret their option for CNS and have paid a bit of money yet have remained in the same exact position. And they are both excellent nurses!
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    And....there is NO REQUIREMENT FOR DNP BY 2015 - SUGGESTION ONLY!!!!

    My advice if you want to have it all: pt care, prescriptive authority in all states; go the NP route.
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    Thank you NICU and Trauma, I am very much leaning towards DPN, especially after talking with my DON regarding what roles could be in my future.

    Let me quote her:

    Congratulations on continuing your education. Your choice degree depends on where you want your career to take you. All these degrees will open doors for you. If you are looking for a management position, I think I would focus on a business degree, MBA or MHA. If you see yourself in a clinical role working side by side with physicians, then FNP, or DNP is the way to go. CNS is usually for the nurse with clinical aspirations and a strong role to teach. However, I have seen nurses with this degree have administrative doors open.

    So, I can't tell you which way to go...because it all depends on what you aspire to. as far as [this] Hospital system goes...we have not necessarily locked into the inception of NP in the acute care arena. I think there is a eventual role for this, and I would like to see it...but our attempts so far have failed. The physicians hire NPs in their offices, but I do not have any idea how plentiful those positions are. I know it is a difficult decision.

    I wish you the best in your educational pursuits and your professional future.

    The bolding and the sics are mine. Name of employer redacted to protect identity.
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    I am coming back to this thread because these posts were the first I made when I arrived and I wanted to express my gratitude again for the advice received. I wish I could edit old posts because I'm cringing at my typos. I know plethora is spelled this way not plefora, and that it is a DNP not DPN.

    Ah well.

    I'm more than half-way done with my FNP and already have a job lined up, plus the head of that project (opening several urgent cares in our system's districts) wants to mentor me/has mentored me.

    I came to AN for such guidance and camaraderie and I've found it.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    So glad things are really working out for you and thanks much for the update