CNS-Women's Health in California

  1. Hi all,

    I was recently accepted to SFSU GMSN CNS-Women's Health program. And I am conflicted about the program. I have also been accepted to PLU where I could potentially get a FNP certificate and an MSN.

    I always thought I wanted to work as a nurse in women's health/maternity and assumed the best degree/certification for me was the WHNP. That being said, I am not familiar with the role of the CNS. Can any of you shed some light on the role of the CNS? How is it different from the role of NP? Can I go various directions being a CNS? Could I be a primary care provider as a CNS? Can I prescribe as a CNS in California? Do you know other CNS's and what are their jobs/roles?

    For those of you with CNS degrees, graduating with an MSN and a CNS, did you find it
    difficult to find a job? Are most people in the health field familiar[FONT=arial, sans-serif] with the CNS and are there jobs for the CNS? Does a CNS lend itself to[FONT=arial, sans-serif] hospital work over clinic work?

    Why did you choose the CNS route? I would especially like to hear form Women's Health CNS in California, but any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Is there anything else I should know about the pro's and cons of beinga CNS in Women's Health?

    Thank you so much!
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