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CNS salary?

  1. 0 Hi, I am interviewing for a perinatal CNS position and am wondering what salary range I should expect. Thanks!
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    I'm an adult and pads CNS and function as an APN so my salary is in line with mid-level providers.

    Much will depend on where you live, what type of facility?
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    oh this is a good question and would love to hear your insight

    I live in Arizona. I start my masters in January to become a CNS. Down the road, I would love to work in a hospital on a CVICU or Telemetry unit!

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    In Arkansas, it's 70,000-80,000.
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    In Texas the avg starting ACNS salary is 70,000.

    I was recently hired at a private clinic and my salary is roughly 70,000.
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    $98,000 in Nevada for Critical Care CNS w/ experience
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    It really varies by location and Chicagoland it's roughly 95K-110K.