CNS salaries in Southeastern IL / Noth East IL

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    I hate to be blunt about this but I find that all the advanced practice nursing professions have a more clear cut salary expectation. However, CNS' salaries always seem to be a mystery. Would it be possible if people could share what salaries a new graduate from a CNS program can expect? It would be most helpful for me in the Chicago/Milwaukee region.

    The reason I like the CNS role instead of a NP, CRNA is the possibility of future advancement but salary is a unknown for me.


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    Hi there - I work in Peoria, IL and don't know if this is helpful or not but I'm a CNS (adult) and work in an NP role as an APN and make close to $100k
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    Sorry I meant Southeastern WI and Northeastern IL (Milwaukee/Chicago Region)

    It was a late night.

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