CNS Core Exam: Need advise from those that have taken it!

  1. Has anyone taken the CNS Core Exam? I am a CNS who works in patient safety so the core exam makes sense for me. I have applied to sit for the exam in the last testing period being offered. For anyone who has taken the exam, I was wondering what people used to review for the test?

    There are no more review courses being offered and I don't see any review books that have been published.

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  3. by   JWRN
    I also am a CNS who does pt safety....I took the CCNS exam so can't help with the core exam...
    May I ask where you work. Would like to know other CNS's who do pt safety.
    You can send me a private message if you wish.

  4. by   pt safety
    I sent you an email from my work email account. I work at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I am the Patient Safety Officer for the Dept. of Medicine.