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  1. 0 Hi I was wondering if there are different boards to certify the different specialties of the CNS, or does it fall under one the ANCC? Are most CNS's board certified? Is it a requirement? What professional organizations for a new CNS?

    Thanks so much!
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    At the present time, ANCC is the only choice for CNS certification. I think most CNS's do get board certified.
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    Yes, the ANCC is only organization that certifies CNSs. All the CNS job postings I've ever seen have specified the employer requires certification, and I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong! ) that the states that offer additional licensure for CNSs require certification -- I know that mine and the "next-door" state do.
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    My state allows any graduate specialty exam... AACN for the CCNS works here and there are some loopholes for other specialties. I went through ANCC though.