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anti-embolic stocking

  1. 0 Hi there, I am new to this forum and will just start with my problem.
    I am doing a nursing course and have this problem with my assignment regarding "anti-embolic Sockings".
    I have to list four (4) clients at risk of deep vein thrombosis.
    Can anybody help me please.

    Thanks in advance
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    Those who are in prolonged bedrest;
    Those with a history of contraceptive use;
    Those fresh off surgery;
    Pregnancy (sigh....);
    Those with cardiovascular problems;
    Those with major injuries (i.e. injury to the long bones);
    And those who travel long distance (i.e. especially noted in long flights).
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    Good list--I would like to add one more--patient having long surgical procedures for use during the surgery. We put them on all of our patients having general anesthesia and have them working prior to induction of anesthesia. It is also a good idea to manually exercise their legs during surgery. Look for other risk factors such as patients being on the birth control pill, smokers, those who fly or drive long distances and any with peripheral vascular disease.

    I had a good friend and my patient who had a major pulmonary embolus after a facelift that took about 7 hours. She survived after a rough course. It made a believer of me.