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ANCC Certification Exam PMH CNS

  1. 0 Can any recommend a review book or online course for the ANCC PMH CNS Certification exam? I am considering the online review offered on the ANCC website. Anyone out there taken this exam recently?
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    I took the exam in 2003, so not THAT recently. At that point ANCC sold a good course with CDs and a nice big paperback book with things to read and practice tests in it. It helped alot. The test is about as difficult as the NCLEX but definitely do-able. Good luck!
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    took the exam this past summer. I went on line to the ancc website and they had an online review course. Not sure how much it helped but I passed.
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    Thanks. That's what I have done. I haven't gotten through all of it yet. It seems to be comprehensive, but there doesn't seem to be any practice tests. Where did you go to school?