This school VS others..

  1. Hello all =)

    Just had a question about how you all like this school and if it is one of the good schools to go to and if there were others that you would say are good that you would recommend.

    Thanks! Trying to find a good school to go to to get a BSN and I have no previous nursing experience.
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  3. by   Texas02
    I came here for the same reason. I will keep searching through the forum but I am in Houston TX and am considering Chamberlin. The time it takes to get in and finish and it's location is a big plus for me. However I am worried about all the other things everyone else has been saying they are worried about. (Are they fully accredited, what is their reputation in the area hospitals, can you use this degree to get a masters in anther Texas university/will it transfer, the cost also worries me, how prepared they get you for NCLEX, what is their passing rate, ect.) I also just want to know how is it on a personal level. I always hear about classmates becoming so close in nursing school because all you go through together, but I want to know if people have had a good experience with their fellow class mates. I'll keep searching but any extras would help. Thanks!