Recommendations for Stats class instructor

  1. Can anyone recommend a GREAT instructor for Chamberlain's online classes? I'll be taking Math 221 - Statistics for Decision-Making starting July 9th and math is a challenge for me if I don't have a REALLY GOOD math instructor. I'd really appreciate any help or advice! Thanks in advance....
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Posting faculty names on the forums is prohibited by the website Terms of Service (TOS). You can send information by private message (PM), though. Thanks.
  4. by   XYRNMN
    Can't post a faculty member name here, so check your messages.

    BEST instructor ever, for stats.
    Made it understandable and fun!
    I realize you may already be registered, but if you can switch, I would highly recommend it.
    Good luck, -K
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  5. by   katie816
    I second that. go to statcave and there is your answer.