1. Hello everyone...I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday/time off. I just wanted to know how everyone did on finals? I finished A & P IV with a B, and Adv English Comp with an A. Looking forward to January's classes...taking Critical Thinking and History online, and Patho onsite. Sounds like a ton of reading
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  3. by   FLnurse14
    Hi Akilah530

    I just finished my first session at Chamberlain and I must say it was a challenge, but I did pretty well. I finished NR 101- Transitions in Nursing with a A-, NR 222 Health and Wellness with an A, and Developmental Psychology with a A. I'm very pleased with my results and looking forward to January's classes. I'm also taking Critical thinking online.....
  4. by   slangley09
    flnurse14 how are these classes?? are they tough? a lot of reading etc...i am taking the transitions class onsite, health and wellness online, and philosophy online.
  5. by   akilah530
    good for you flnurse14!
  6. by   April7
    Can someone be more specific as to NR 101 and NR 222. What type of content? What's the level of difficulty? How much reading is involved? etc. I would greatly appreciate it Thank you!
  7. by   bre072015
    Hi akilah530!
    I am currently taking NR222 online. Did you have any tips on how to prepare for exams. Did pass first exam 72%. Thought I was well prepared.