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    Hello everyone...I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday/time off. I just wanted to know how everyone did on finals? I finished A & P IV with a B, and Adv English Comp with an A. Looking forward to January's classes...taking Critical Thinking and History online, and Patho onsite. Sounds like a ton of reading

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    Hi Akilah530

    I just finished my first session at Chamberlain and I must say it was a challenge, but I did pretty well. I finished NR 101- Transitions in Nursing with a A-, NR 222 Health and Wellness with an A, and Developmental Psychology with a A. I'm very pleased with my results and looking forward to January's classes. I'm also taking Critical thinking online.....
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    flnurse14 how are these classes?? are they tough? a lot of reading etc...i am taking the transitions class onsite, health and wellness online, and philosophy online.
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    good for you flnurse14!
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    Can someone be more specific as to NR 101 and NR 222. What type of content? What's the level of difficulty? How much reading is involved? etc. I would greatly appreciate it Thank you!
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    Hi akilah530!
    I am currently taking NR222 online. Did you have any tips on how to prepare for exams. Did pass first exam 72%. Thought I was well prepared.

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