TCU's Nurse Anesthesia School--not this year for me

  1. I've been reading about everyone's successes and congratulations to everyone. I finally had my interview last week at TCU and I'll have to come back next year--I knew my experience was in a smaller unit and might not be enough. I'm moving to the city next month if I can get on in a busier unit.
    I was very impressed by TCU--the campus, the faculty--anesthesia and biology, just the whole thing. I especially liked the nursing school right there--a PHD, CCRN, ANP from the nursing school was in my interview for pulmonary/cardiac. Even though I didn't make it, I liked the people and have a lot of hope for the next time. Would those of you who also interviewed write about what you thought?
    Thanks alot...LUCYH
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  3. by   Qwiigley
    Good luck next year, Lucy. When you re-interview, make sure they know that you applied this year and am still eager to get in. That goes a long way. Shows determination.