submitting anesthesia proposal for a rural hospital

  1. 0 I'm looking for help/advise from any CRNAs that have experience submitting anesthesia proposals. This would be a rural hospital setting with only CRNAs. Three ORs and one endo suite. Start date would be about 24 months away.
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    If I recall.. Back when I was a member of the AANA, they published a book about the business and legal aspects of anesthesia...I would look on the AANA site or call them.. The title might have been " The Business of Anesthesia" I might even have a copy somewhere.. I'll look.
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    Thanks. Any starting off point would be great. I rotated to all CRNA group for a month when I was a student. The setup and hospital size would be very similar so we've discussed talking to that group (my buddy still does some locums work to fill in for their vacation needs). The AANA seems to only want to send me to an expensive conference.
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    Yeah The AANA is all about the money and poor customer service...
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