SRNA interested in CRNA only practices in New Mexico

  1. 0 I am a SRNA in the southeast. I will be graduating this year. I was curious if anyone knew of any all CRNA practices in New Mexico. I have looked at some of the larger private practices, however MDs were the large majority. I love the Albuquerque area, but also want to look at other options statewide.
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    I don't there are any in albuquerque. The group covering Presbyterian uses mda and crna. They treat crnas well at that group.
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    Try looking at the UNM website. We use a lot of CRNA's here and they are university employees.
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    It is true UNM uses CRNA's. They are also the only hospital in NM that uses AA's. So it is a mix of MDA's, CRNA's, and AA's. The pay for CRNA's at UNM is on the low side. They usually have a job or two listed on gas work.

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