Rural vs. Metro for Practice

  1. This question goes out to all practicing CRNA's. Any SRNA's might be able to have some useful input as well, so that would be appreciated!

    I am starting nurse anesthesia school in fall in an inner city setting. The majority of our clinical sites are obviously inner city, but we have a good 20-30 hospitals we rotate through, some smaller community/rural hospitals, and one is in the straight up boonies. The reason they offer this rotation is because the hospital is pretty much run by CRNA's. I knew from my own research that it appears it might be fun, to be able to perform everything you learned without dealing with an ACT model. I plan on going there when it comes up as a choice in school.

    For those who have practiced or having rotated through a rural/community hospital, what did you think? Is it actually quite a bit more autonomous to work in versus a large inner city/metropolitan hospital? Did you find yourself without resources you wish you had like a large ENT group, or did you get by just fine?

    Any other input is appreciated. I know I'm a long way off from picking a place to work in, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the different settings in the few years I've got left. Thanks!
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