Rhode Island removes supervision requirement

  1. Rhode Island Removes Supervision Requirement
    ​Rhode Island removes supervision requirement: Rhode Island HB 5656/SB 614 has been signed into law. This bill implements aspects of the APRN consensus model, including removal of supervision for CRNAs. Rhode Island is the first state to remove a CRNA supervision requirement from a state nursing law or rule since 1999.
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  3. by   subee
    Good news, indeed. But has it really been since 1999 that a state has removed supervision requirements? What about California? The older I get the more I work - the more I work the faster time goes. The Big Engineer is probably telling me it's time to retire since I have NO patience for the paperwork nonsense we have to endure now and the pessimist's sure view of the future.
  4. by   nomadcrna
    Opt out is not the same as removing supervision. To get opt out status you must practice independently according to state law.
    OPT out is ONLY for billing purposes. It has absolutely nothing to do with practice.