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    Good Afternoon,

    I'm a first year anesthesia student. Believe it or not we are expected to identify a research topic by the end of the first semester of the program. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to provide some suggestions. Does any practicing CRNAs have any suggestions? How about other anesthesia students? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Please read this thread you will find some of your answers there.

    original research thread

    It is common for programs to require this, but not all do.


    BTW which program are you in?
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    Link to yet another of our research threads
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    Thanks for the feedback Craig. I'm at Bradley University/Decatur Memorial Hospital in Peoria and Decatur Illinois.

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    Gotosleep, I am a Bradley grad myself. Not in nursing anesthesia, but in English. Still, small world!
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    It sure is a small world dianacs. Nice to hear from another Bradley Brave.

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    Randy, I am doing mine on using pre-emptive analgesics( Vioxx) to decrease post-op pain med use on lap-chole procedures. I had a friend of mine that graduated that used morphine paste to the spinal cord during LUM-LAM's to decrese post-op opioid use.
    You always have the old throw back of doing post-op n/v study with different combo of meds and or N20. Lee
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    Thanks to all who replied to my post. I'm in the early stages of developing a research hypothesis concernig epidural narcotics and how they affect the progression of labor. Once again, this is very preliminary and very well may change.

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    Avery good way to find research topics I have found in the last week is to look up papers that interest you, and read the end where the authors illucidate on further areas of study with the same spin. Now there is a runon, but I don't feel like fixing it.

    Good luck.
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    In my humble opinion, working with OB patients will be difficult. IRB boards are leary of approving stuff as both baby and the mother are considered "populations at special risk" This is not just a physical thing but a mental one as the mother is considered suseptable to coercion. Also, Docs are leary of trying anything new. The hospital/doc must take additional risks in letting some unknown procedure, drug, dosage be used. lastly, screaming, men-hating, irrational subjects will be yours to study. Just a few words of warning, the students i know who studied OB patients were sorry they did.

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