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ODU CRNA 2008 Admission

  1. 0 Does anyone know if ODU has sent out acceptance letters for the Fall 2008 nurse anesthesia program? Last I heard they were waiting on administrative approval (5/08) but I haven't heard anything since.
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    I received my letter of acceptance around mid-May. I heard through the grapevine that they accepted 8 students and MIGHT admit more. I really, really hope they do.

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    Thank you so much for your quick response. I received an email today from Michael Jackson stating I'm in the next group of students (whenever that group begins). I was accepted into another program but I was really hoping to go to ODU and live in Norfolk.
    Thanks again. Good luck.
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    What do you mean "whenever that group begins"? Does the program not start everyone at the same time? What do you like about Norfolk that you prefer to live there? Sorry for all of the questions, I am just considering applying to ODU. Any input you have would be really helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks! Congrats on being accepted!
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    How much experience is average for acceptance into this program?