Health insurance for 1099 crna - options

  1. Hey all, looking for advice.

    New CRNA that took a 1099 job. Does anyone have advice in their search for insurance for families. I picked up a brochure at COSTCO for small business insurance and will call for prices today. Just wondering if anyone found a good company at a decent price that is user friendly.

    Thanks for any info.
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  3. by   crnabrian
    If you have any health problems, I find it is very difficult to get reasonably priced health insurance. I was going to do 1099 work until I discovered this. Now I work for a hospital and have group coverage. I wonder why a lot of CRNAs are against health care reform. It seems to me that reform might be able to remedy this problem of getting coverage at a reasonable price.
  4. by   remifentanil
    I will be retiring in a couple of years from the medical school I work for. I hope to find a 1099 job... the tax advantages are incredible.

    Fortunately health care will be TriCare. I have no idea how good that is as I've never used it....But if it is like anything else the military did.. it has to be low rent.