Do Kaiser hospitals hire the new CRNA grads? Do Kaiser hospitals hire the new CRNA grads? | allnurses

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Do Kaiser hospitals hire the new CRNA grads?

  1. 0 Hello! Does anyone know if Kaiser hospitals hire the new grads from their own CRNA program, or do they still have to work for a couple of years at a smaller hospital to be hired?
    Also, do Kaiser hospitals hire either the new grads or people with 1-2 year experience from other CRNA programs?
    My long-term goal is to work at Kaiser , but I live in NC and go to ECU to get my Master's as CNS. ECU also has a CRNA program, and I am trying to figure out if it worth it to move to another state to go to Kaiser school CRNA program or can I stay in NC and go to ECU program? Will that lessen my chances to be employed by Kaiser later? Thank you!
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    Why don't you talk to a Kaiser nurse recruiter?
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    I went to UPENN (Philadelphia) and got hired by Kaiser in CA right out of school. Yes, they hire new grads... both from their program and others. Check their website for job postings. They are listed as GRNA/CRNA (Graduate RNA).

    hope that helps.