anesthesia tech school in california?

  1. 0 can anyone recommend or suggest on how to pursue an anesthesia tech education in southern california?

    any advise on being an anesthesia tech?

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    Could you elaborate? I've never heard of an "anesthesia tech" nor could I imagine the need for that position.
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    Could you elaborate on that job description?

    I have never heard of an anesthesia "tech" nor can I imagine how that position would be utilized.
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    As I understand it, they are like pharmacy techs. They stock the supplies needed for the anesthesia staff, change out canisters, and whatever else odds and ends are necessary. If i ever hear of places having any, its maybe 2 of them for the entire OR system. But I cant' help you on the education required.
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    We have them in the OR that I work in. They restock rooms and carts after cases and prepare lines and equipment for the CRNAs and MDs. It is on the job training at the hospital I work at, but i'm in PA.

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