UPenn CNM/WHNP Spring 2018

  1. I'm applying for the full time spring 2018 cohort, I just found out I'd be getting an interview. Anyone else heard anything yet?
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  3. by   MrsQRN6132
    I am in the process of applying now...... Just trying to finish my Essays/Personal statement which for me is the most nerve wrecking. When did u apply?
  4. by   iridium54
    Yes, please, I'd also like to know when you applied. I'm thinking Summer 2018 myself, maybe even Fall. I'd love to hear more about the process also how to pay for this expensive school! Going to an information session today, actually.
  5. by   Vfalks
    I got my application finalized August 22nd and heard from Dawn their admissions coordinator August 24th. The interview will be on a specific day for all the applicants that are offered an interview. We'll meet with the faculty, other applicants, tour the school, and talk with financial aid. It'll be in November but there isn't a set date yet, so just waiting to hear back from them about what day it'll be.

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