RED FLAGS?? What to watch out for in first job

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    I will be graduating from Frontier in about a year and I am starting to get knots in my stomach about looking for a job. I am very open to working for IHS or a federally qualified health shortage area, because I need my loans paid back, and I figure I would get great experience that way too. I have lived in Alaska and would love to go back if that worked out as well. My questions are:
    1) has anyone here worked for IHS or another federal program and what was your experience? What would you recommend I ask recruiters when exploring those options?

    2)When requesting information about a job, or interviewing, what are some really huge RED FLAGS that I should be watching out for?

    3) I currently live in Oregon, and I am looking for a preceptor in the Portland/Salem area, any suggestions?

    Thank you in adavance, I will take all the advice I can get.
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    I am also interested in working for the IHS after nurse-midwifery school (my graduation isn't until Sept'15) , I hope you get some information and please post on any IHS in you find, your experiences and first job Good Luck!

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