Malpractice insurance

  1. I live in MD, and I'm finishing up my BSN this year. My plan was to become a CNM, but my OB instructor warned me that the malpractice insurance is just as much as a OBGYNs, claiming it was a quarter million a year. That is enough for me to change my goals, but before I do can someone who is a CNM tell me how they manage malpractice?
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  3. by   wannabmidwife
    My friend is a LM and has a home birth practice in Florida. Her malpractice is $4,000 a year.
  4. by   LibraSunCNM
    Malpractice insurance for midwives is not as expensive as that of OB/GYNs. It is still very expensive, but it's only something you would have to pay for yourself if you set up your own private practice. If you work for a hospital, or for a group practice, it is paid for you. My preceptor for integration is a homebirth midwife in solo practice, and hers was about $40,000 per year, but she was making about $250,000 per year, so she could afford it. Some midwives also get a dual women's health nurse practitioner certification, in case they ever end up in a job where they are not doing deliveries, so that their malpractice insurance is lower.