I wanna be a midwife...

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    I am a new member. And so far I really am enjoying myself...

    Anyways. I am currently in nursing school. I am in my senior year with my graduation in May of 2004. I would like to go on and be a midwife. But I am not to sure on how to go about that. I am thinking that I wasted 3 years in nursing school when I could of just gone right on to midwifery school. Also what type of things do I need to qualify for midwifery school?
    Thanks for any help that you can offer me. I am in upstate ny if anyone knows of school around here I can go to...

    talk to ya soon,

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    Most nurse midwifery programs require that you have a BSN and a few years experience as a L&D nurse. www.midwife.org has a list of programs and explains the different types
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    Thanks for the info. I will be sure to check that site out...


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