Got into Frontier Bridge, Class 63!

  1. I got my acceptance email yesterday, I'm really excited and can't wait to go to Frontier Bound. Anybody else?
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  3. by   mommy2boysaz

    I am in Bridge 60 and am loving it!
    Frontier Bound was such a great time! You'll love it!:heartbeat
    I can't wait to go back for Crossing the Bridge!
  4. by   Goozgog
    I got in to Frontier bound class 64! I am soooo excited! Is there anyone out there who would like to carpool with me/share expenses on a rental car. According to Frontier's website, the airport is approximately 3 hours away from the school.
  5. by   FNP45
    Congratulations!! I am interested in sharing the commute etc. as well when do you plan to drive to Hyden. I was planning on getting there a day in advance September 14th, because I will be flying from DC.
  6. by   FNP45
    Have you registered for any classes yet?
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  7. by   Goozgog
    I'm sorry, I have been accepted into class 64 so Frontier Bound is Dec 1.

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