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  1. hello! long time no post for this gal i'll be applying to frontier in the near future, and i have a question about the statistics & physical assessment course pre-reqs. do these courses have to be taken before applying? or just before frontier bound? thanks!
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  3. by   Snugglibumkins
    I'm currently taking Statistics through FNU. I've applied to CNEP Class 103 which goes to Frontier Bound the second week of June and begins CNM classes in July. I was told by FNU that there is the potential of being accepted to Class 103 and going to FB, but then would not be able to register for CNM classes if I did not successfully complete Statistics.

    Good luck!
  4. by   dottimur
    I was told that you have to take the health assessment course and statistics course prior to applying at FNU. Unfortunately I didn't figure this out until after I had gathered my three references and filled out the portfolio because I have a MSN without a bachelor's degree in nursing (it is in another field).
  5. by   Mary C
    I'm applying anyway. I hope this doesn't hurt me. I took a course called "Health Assessment" that was a physical assessment course, I believe.

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