Frontier: Amount of clinical work

  1. 0 [font="georgia"]i tried to search for this on allnurses to no avail! about how many hrs per week do you spend completing the clinical requirements when you attend frontier part-time? must be so hard if you're working full-time. i'm trying to see if this will be practical!

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    Clinical practicum requirement is 675 total clinical hours, plus during that time, you must have a certain number of births, clinic visits (broken down into X number for different types of clients/care), assessments, etc.

    They recommend planning on spending 6-9 months on clinical practicum. The MINIMUM time you can do it in is 16 weeks (which would be greater than 40 hours/week). If you completed it in 9 months, it would be about 18 hours/week spent in clinicals.
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    Thanks Klone! The 6-9 months for clinical is the recommendation for part-time? It looked like for full-time, they blocked off 3 terms for it (9 months) which made me think that it would be longer for part-time. Guess not though!

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