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Emory's Family Nurse-Midwife program

  1. 0 Hi all!

    Just curious to see if there are any nurses out there waiting to hear back from Emory for the Family Nurse-Midwife program. I've applied for the program starting in May. I hate this waiting game!

    Any prior or current students in this program have any advice or comments about the school/program?
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    Good luck getting in! Emory is great, nice campus and really good teachers!
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    Got in for the fall program!! Anyone else on here?
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    I am not currently in this program, but I do attend the NHWSON at Emory University (BSN). And one of the coordinating head professors of that program is currently teaching my upper level pathophysiology course. I won't mention her name on here, I'm not sure if that's allowed, but I can guarantee that you will absolutely LOVE her and the school. This is my favorite professor of all time, and I can honestly say that she has had a tremendous impact on my experience at Emory and on my personal and professional growth as a student nurse. It is an excellent school with an excellent faculty. You will not be disappointed if you attend!
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    Thank you blongor! I am pretty sure I know who you are speaking of. Went to the admitted students day and was very impressed!