CM at SUNY Downstate or RN first?

  1. I need some advice!

    I am currently enrolled in an Master's Entry Level Nursing program in California. I went to nursing school to become a midwife, but I am feeling very disenchanted with it all. I learned about the Certified Midwife program at SUNY Downstate and am considering leaving Nursing School and pursuing this route.

    The Certified Midwife (CM) has all of the same privileges and responsibilities as a CNM in New York, and two or three other states, but is not recognized anywhere else. CM certification is the same exact program as a CNM program, ans CM's take the same exams as CNMs.

    If I were to return to California, I would need to become a Nurse again in order to practice as a Midwife.

    The perks seem to be, getting the schooling out of the way, and finding some temporary happiness in becoming a midwife before becoming a nurse, and getting some experience as a Midwife during this crappy economy (considering I won't be getting a job as a nurse anytime soon!)

    But is this a huge mistake? Does anyone know anything about the CM program at SUNY, or know any practicing CMs? Should I just continue with the RN program, and go for the CNM later?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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