Caught my first baby!

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    So I caught my first baby on Monday. It was so exciting, It will be long remembered.
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    Congrats!!!! I just started my first semester of midwifery clinicals (the GYN/Primary care component) and I can't WAIT for the day this fall when I can say I caught my first baby as well! I'm sure as you say it will be a long-held and treasured memory.
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    You will be as excited as I was , I am sure, I took a picture with the baby lol. I could not wait like you..this semester will fly by for you!
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    Aww, congratulations - what an exciting moment for you!!
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    Congratulations! I still remember that first one; it's very special.
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    Since then, I have caught 2's so fun, wouldn't want to be do anything else
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