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Applied to Frontier's CNEP class 99

  1. 0 Hi all,
    Waiting to hear about my portfolio application for FNU's CNEP class 99. Wondering if there is anyone else who applied for class 99 and also waiting to hear back?
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    Hi there, I applied for that same class, and then I found out my Stats class is just a few months too old. So I'm going to take Stats during the next semester and push my application back to class 103. Good luck!
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    I also applied and will be attending Frontier Bound on March 12th!!! So excited!!
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    I applied to CNEP class 99 as well. I have not heard back. I did call and not all applicants had been reviewed so there is still hope.
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    I just got my acceptance letter today via email. I'm so excited! I know as of last week Friday, the coordinator said there were still applications needing review yet.