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Any Frontier Students in NC?

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone lives in NC and takes classes at Frontier? I was unable to apply to Georgetown because they are not approved to operate in NC. I am wondering if this is an issue with FNU as well. I emailed them, but no reply. Thanks!
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    Apparently this is a new issue with Frontier, there are Frontier students in NC and they say it should be resolved shortly. I would check their admissions page as they seem to be updating it with information.
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    I hope it gets resolved by the beginning of 2014. I really wanted to go to FNU for their MSN + DNP program FNP concentration. I talked to an advisor anout 3 weeks ago and she said they are scheduled for a site visit. Idk what that means though. I posted on their FB page and they said hopefully they will be accepting NC students back soon. I hope so.