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Wound cleansing agents

  1. 0 Hello,
    Please answer.Its important to me!

    Which wound cleansing agent do you use for wound care after cardiac sugery?
    Do you still use Povidone-Iodine?

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    Hi. I work in intensive care. 5 cardiac bypass patients per weekday. We don't use anything. They come back from theatre with a kind of synthetic mesh and then a thin hydrocolloid dressing (Duoderm) on. Not a problem with having to clean sternal wounds. But normally, just saline. No iodine here for many years.
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    Betadine before surgery.

    Soap and water after. Check _your_ policy.
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    Chlorahexadine night before and morning of. Saline post-op if needed.
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    Thank You for all the info. It really helped.