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Vasoactive drug table

  1. 14 Here is a great education packet I found, made by nurses for nurses just going into critical care. I made a great comprehensive drug table based on all the drugs listed here in this packet. I am still working on the drug table so I can upload it here, right now I'm having problems since I have "shape art", little arrows, all over the table and apparently those are causing the document to be "invalid" for uploading to allnurses.

    Anyway, I found this PDF file online when I typed "vasoactive drug table" into Google, anyone out there who needs a better understanding of vaso drips and hemodynamics should read this, its well written!

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    Ok so tables don't do too well here. For some reason I can't post the awesome table I made

    I guess for those of you (like me) who are still trying to learn vasoactives and need a good chart, the above packet I posted will do you a world of good. You can get pretty much all you need from that. Good luck!
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    wow nice infos!!! This will help me a lot in ICU. Thanks