Triggeringartefacts with IABP

  1. While washing the patient with IABP, a lot lot of artefacts occur that mimmic the R-wave . So triggering will be inappropriate and could harm the patient. I feel that one should put IABP in standby modus for a few minutes with no (or lesser) risk for the patient. Dear collaegues, what is your opinion and /or solution for this "minor" problem?
    PS: in our CCU (Louvain, Belgium) we use the Datascoop 98 console.
    Thanks in advance for your answers. Rudi
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  3. by   mattcastens
    Can't say I've ever had this problem with all the IABPs that I've worked with (also Datascope). Perhaps there is a problem with the ECG wires that is making them oversensitive?

    As for placing the pump on standby, I would rather change the interval to 1:2 or 1:3 so that the patient can still benefit from some action.