Tips for a student precepting on a cardiac floor

  1. Hello All!

    I am curious what tips you may have for a student precepting on a cardiac floor?
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  3. by   asneakyseal
    What kind of Cardiac floor will you be on? Cardiac ICU, Cardiac Intermediate ICU, Cardiac Telemetry, etc.
  4. by   countrygirl1234
    I was only told intermediate cardiac unit
  5. by   23AtTheTeeth
    Make sure your hemodynamics are dialed, and I mean DIALED.
    D I A L E D

    Know CVP, PA Pressures, SVR, PVR, all of your inotropes, vasopressors, etc like the back of your hand.

    Low CVP? What do you do and why?
    High CVP? What do you do and why?

    High/Low SVR or PVR? Why? What do you do?

    Watch, listen, learn. Ask questions, and ask more questions. The scariest nurse is the one who doesn't ask any questions.

    Know why we like our blood pressures lower.
    Learn all you can about crystalloids vs colloids and when to give which.


    Why kidney injuries are so common after bypass surgery.
    CVICU nurses are savage, because they don't have time to be cuddly. But we mean well and we really want you to be the best you can be.