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static electricity & temporary pacers/cvc's

  1. 0 Problem: Transferring a pt between a critical care bed and the CT scanner table produces a ton of static electricity. I seem to recall reading that static electricity, in the setting of a pt w/ a TP or CVC, can create an arrhythmia. In your experience/knowledge, is this correct?
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    very transient and should probably not cause an actual arrythymia. What they cause is interference, similar to 60-cycle.
    we have an emergency light switch that will cause interference, looks exactly like a pacer that fails to sense correctly (regardless of whether the patient has a pacer or not!). it looks awful but it's just a reflection of the interference on the monitor and nothing with the actual patient.
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    I've never seen it happen.
    A central line would be essentially impossible since the line material is nonconductive.

    There is a theory that exposed temp pacer leads can deliver static discharge.
    Check this out, from 1977:
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    There were some LVADs that had controllers that were sensitive to static discharge and we had to wear paper gowns if in contact isolation, but that was the only time we worried about it.

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